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Horizon Gold Card, a credit card with great perks. Are you looking for a credit card that is unsecured and can help you to improve your credit score and get some pretty cool stuff like apparel for everyone, electronics, home goods, and more? Don’t look any further, consider getting the Horizon Gold Card. Apply Now.

It is a viable and very reputable credit card (line of online credit) that enables you to shop exclusively at the Horizon outlet online store. And it does not require you to have the best credit or any credit for that matter – to be approved!

In fact, this credit card allows those with limited credit, poor credit, and even bad credit to shop online and to build their credit all at once.

Horizon Gold Card: About

If you have been looking for a firm solution to your bad credit or limited credit woes, you may like to consider getting the Horizon Gold Card.

This is an “online store” credit card or line of credit that enables you to charge goods that you purchase at the online Horizon Outlet Shop.

The card is guaranteed credit-approval – when you become an elite Horizon Gold member by enlisting in their benefits plan that will cost you $24.95 a month. Once enrolled as a member you will be granted many perks (benefits) and at minimum a $500 credit limit.

Your membership includes:

  • Privacy Protection: Privacy Protection from the Horizon Gold Membership Plan includes access to a FREE credit report (via all 3 major bureaus) and more, unique resources and information that will help you to keep your personal information and financial information safe from harm.
  • Universal RX: Universal RX: Universal RX is a prescription savings benefit that allows you to save a percentage (40%) of the cost of prescriptions that are on their special list. It also supplies you more savings on other prescriptions that are covered under your personal insurance plan.
  • Legal Assistance: Legal Assistance: The Legal Assistance benefit that you garner when you sign-up for the Horizon Gold Card membership includes a FREE, 30-minute consult (phone or Internet) with a lawyer or attorney that practices near the area in which you reside and live.
  • Roadside Assistance: Roadside Assistance: The Roadside assistance perk of the benefit plan for Horizon Gold includes 3 service calls in a one-year term. This includes assistance “towing” within 15 miles and limited to a fee of only $50 inclusive. Only a single call is allowed within a period of a month (30 days.)

The Horizon Outlet: What You Can Buy With the Horizon Gold Card

The Horizon Gold Outlet (the online store specifically designed for purchases related to the Horizon Gold Card) – offers a wide variety of goods and even services that affordably comparable to Wal-Mart including:

Apparel: Clothing for women, kids, men, children, and babies, accessories, footwear and more!
Home: Bath, bedding, kitchenware, electronics, and home decor (candles), pet Supplies and books.
Toys: Games, arts & crafts, ride-on, dolls, remote control, and more.
Seasonal: Holiday, fitness, recreation, and garden
Financial: Credit help, prepaid cards, auto-finance

* shipping costs apply and there is a $2.50 surcharge for delivery confirmation on all products purchased from Horizon.

Horizon Gold Card: Bottom Line

The Horizon Gold Card has helped many achieve the credit score that they absolutely need to purchase a home or to finance a decent car. It is paving the way for people to have the ability to purchase things that they love and need through a low-interest credit means that assists them in significantly improving/building their standing credit score up.

If you have been searching for a credit card (that is not-secured) and that has an unprecedented reputation – you should consider opting for the Horizon Gold Card!

Guaranteed Approval for ALL Credit Types! Click the link below to apply.


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